Christmas 2010…Sutton Style

December 24, 2010

Yes we know it is officially the day before Christmas Day….But in this house we celebrate Christmas the eve before….for a few different reasons.

First I guess would be that our family must divide it’s time between two homes. From an early age the girls had to adapt to spending time with both parent, their parents, and any significant other family members. At first we would alternate Christmas Eve vs Christmas Day. But after a few years we found it easier to have some consistency and so now Christmas Eve is devoted to the Sutton/Day side and Christmas Day finds itself with the Sanchez family. Honestly I think I have the better pick as I prefer preparing finger foods, punch, and lighter atmosphere that the night hours bring around. Rushing to get up Christmas Day to have breakfast, open present, rush to relatives to have lunch, and travel home again….Not My Cup Of Tea!!

We have found ourselves with a little visitor. Yesterday Andrew found a small champagne colored terrier wandering the streets. Afraid it might get run over he brought it in to the house. However when we called animal control they had already left for the day but assured us that someone would be around the following morning to pick it up. When 1 pm came and went I decided to check on the status just in case they closed early. To my surprise I was greeted with a message that animal control would be taking an extended holiday and would not be available for services until the following Monday morning. HMMMM….now what??

We knew the dog had to be from around the neighborhood. I thought it may belong to a fellow co-worker down the street and so I decided to check with her. Halfway down the street the rain decided to fall and now my newly fixed hair was receiving a soaking. After establishing it was not my friends I decided to check with a house Andrew had mentioned he thought the dog may be from. Sure enough they were missing their little one and were pleased to hear that we had found her for them. We were happy that she was back with her family but she was such a sweet little dog that it was a little sad to see her go. However Shyla had already established in the back yard the previous day that she was not having any nonsense about another dog in the house. We had to sneak her into Nina’s room that night as it was close to freezing outside and the poor thing didn’t have much of a coat of fur to speak of.

Girls went to visit my side of the family for a couple of hours and were back around 6pm. Tonight’s menu consisted of barbecue meatballs, General Tao’s Chicken bites, Grilled Shrimp and Scallops, Banana Bread (made fresh by Nina that morning), Chips and Pico de Gallo (made fresh by Beca), and of course our famous punch recipe!!!! Yeap a bit of everything to hopefully please everyone’s taste buds here.

Our stomach pacified it was on to the festivities of the gift giving. Andrew pulled out the camera at this point and took close to 300 pictures. I was able to capture a shot here and there of him but he was a little camera shy tonight. We got a little squirly at times though… to love those moments!!!!

Nina and Beca giddy from the sugar rush

Leave it to Nina to find another use for the necklace...though I doubt she is getting much clearer vision

look its a........... it's a .....

a trendy

all in can that carry a heck of a lot......bag!!!!

Thanks Catherine!!! We love our gifts!!!!

Andrew wearing one gift and opening another. I found a fantastic little book light that fits over the spine instead of the pages. I know he will get good use of this on our camping trips. No more hiding the flashlight under the covers BABE! it....isn't it...the suspense is killing me

In this huge box was a tiny little book called "The Line and the Dot" ....Not my food processor that Andrew has been saying he bought but I love it!!!! Brings back memories

But wait....what is this .... an envelope under the chair seat....and lookie what was inside....a handwritten coupon for a food processor of my choice.....hmmmmm don't see the authentic store logo anywhere.....

HMMMM....I wonder what Nina knows that I don't....Andrew and her are always in cohorts with each other with stuff like this....But wait...what's this...another box from Andrew...and's my food processor!!!!

Nina and Beca sporting the boots we bought them.....

Little sis is not so little anymore....

Shyla chilling it out....

Our true colors show now.......

With all the whirling paper finally landed we decided to settle down to watch a movie but the girls for the first time in ages settled in and fell asleep before more than 30 minutes of the show so we awoke them, packed up the car with Nina’s stuff as we use this time to do the mid year house switch and said our good nights.

Tonight was really a good night!!!!!

My First Attempts At Using Photoshop!!!!

  1. Catherine says:

    Merry Christmas!! Love your blog… and it’s great to see some pics (almost feels as though I was there too!) Nina is all grown up! WOW it’s been far too long since ive seen you all. Andrew has a beard again! I really dont know about THAT!
    ahahah a backback!! I probably should have enclosed some instructions for that bag hahaha just a little something to carry around with you, they are all the rage here!
    Hopefully the girls liked their headbands… they are also very popular here!
    I’ll send through the photos of our Sutton xmas. Scott and I put on quite a spread for both his and my(our) family in our tiny little aboad! Very snig considering it was bucketing down outside! That Melbourne weather for you!
    Nevertheless, it was a great day and nice to have everyone together…(except for you guys) but it feel complete now after seeing these pics and reading your blog!
    Will send the pics through shortly!
    Take care and love to everyone xxx
    Ps wish you could have kept the cute little terrior!

    • triptracker says:

      Andrew’s second gift from me was a beard trimmer. I usually cut it to keep it thin but it takes such a long time with the comb and scissors and needs doing almost daily. I should take a picture of him now. We shaved most of it of except around the mouth. Quite a different look. The trimmers thin it out much more than I can too so it really looks nice.

      The girls loved the headbands. They have been wearing them for a few years actually. I have noticed they have gotten really popular lately….with huge things attached to them. The huge womens wallets are also a rave here…..they look like granny wallets to me….but somebody thought differently I guess….they are in all the stores

  2. Bev &Barry says:

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Very special! Hadn’t seen so much of the inside of your home before, including that ‘blue’ wall which as I recall was one of Andrew’s first paint jobs. Gee, the girls are all grown up and both look like you Sharon!
    A nice touchy feely story of the little terrior which certainly embodies the Christmas spirit. I was actually on the phone to Andrew when it wandered in and could tell that it would end up being cared for just as his Dad would have. We were very close to the dog catcher who must have made a track to our house over the years.
    Have Grandpa here for a few days and am off to join forces with Barry to get him back for our defeat playing ‘500’ last night. Wish us luck!
    love Mum/Bev
    PS Sorry our pressies didn’t get there in time. The post takes longer now due to security crackdowns in the U.S. Should arrive any day as sent it around time as Catherine’s.

    • triptracker says:

      Too Many security crackdowns if you ask me. Their last body invasion tactics is just too much. I have warned Andrew that if we fly and they decide they must touch or view me on screen to see if I have anything hidden then all the clothes will come off!!! Now won’t that be a scene they won’t forget. The government has really overstepped the boundary of personal privacy now….what country is it that I live in again?????? But don’t get me started on this subject…..cause I have lots to say…hahahaha

  3. Don + Susan Sutton says:

    Hi What a lovely Christmas surprise,thank-you for including us on the blog. you look great Sharon and the girls are gorgeous young Ladies Catherine would enjoy their company Surrounded by girl power Andrew guess you have to hide for male time? We are okay and had Christmas in the city A buffet and Uncle Don loved it.Oysters of course prawns and all the usual Aussie food and chocolate chocolate and more chocolate . there was Don and I Diane Heidi and my Dad(he had a great time so many smiles) Andrew Matthew+ Mel are having a baby the same month as Shaun + Lisa. Speak soon Love to you all and may 2011 keep you safe and well x

    • triptracker says:

      Andrew does need some male time…..not much of finding that in this house though…..even the two animals are female. Poor baby! Sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas too. Happy to hear that. We keep talking about coming over at Christmas time every year. Maybe we will do that soon. Would love to do Christmas Aussie style. Give my love to Uncle Don and of course to the rest of the Suttons.

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