2010 21-Day Grand Circle Adventures

Highlights of our spectacular 22-day adventure which began in Texas. Our travels took us through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma. We hope our family and friends enjoy the commentary and pictures!!! Feel free to leave comments.

All images © graphitate 2013. All pictures are uncorrected for color and tone.

Taking The Path Least Traveled

Day 1 – Gearing Up
Day 2 – Route 66
Day 3 – John Wayne’s Stomping Grounds
Day 4 – Don’t Look Down
Day 5 – The Girl With Red Boots
Day 6 – Our Norwegian Neighbors
Day 7 – Don’t Feed The Bears
Day 8 – Living It Large
Day 9 – 3:10 To Yuma
Day 10 – Location! Location! Location!
Day 11 – Meet Alvin And The Chipmunks
Day 12 – Leader Of The Pack
Day 13 – Runaway Mountain
Day 14 – Andrew To The Rescue
Day 15 – Are You Being Served
Day 16 – Hang Ten…Doggie Style
Day 17 – Promenade A Deux
Day 18 – Going Wireless
Day 19 – Don’t Play On The Tracks
Day 20 – Got Wind?
Day 21 – The Last Supper
Day 22 – Grand Circle Finale

Like our photos and story? Traveled here too? I't's Our Life... would love to hear your thoughts.

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