Welcome To The Real Frontier

Posted: June 15, 2014 in 2012 Christmas trip
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January 3

Presidio, TX
Big Bend National Park

Just a short entry today.  We spent most of the day traveling back from Ft. Davis by way of 67 through Presidio and then back to base camp in Big Bend.  Presido is a small town that has a border crossing and so it was quite busy at this time of day as commuters lined up to cross the river back home.  We were tempted to drive across the bridge and expand our journey internationally, but time was running short and the lines of cars being stopped ran long.  Didn’t like our chances today dealing with border control and so we headed east towards our home sweet home in Big Bend basin.



Presidio sign


Just on the outskirts of Presido you will find Ft. Leaton.  From all appearances it looks as the square compound could possible be a miniature fort with walls up to 40 inches thick in some parts.  In reality it was the home to the Leaton and Pedrasa and their young family who purchased the land using falsified documents just before the mid 1800’s.   Of course this didn’t begin their legacy on a good note and over the next couple of years karma played itself out.  Leaton himself died not soon after the construction was completed of the home, and since he and Pedrasa were never married, a postmortem marriage took place in order for Pedrasa to be able to legally titled “widow” and gain rights to the property.  I guess that was before Texas initiated Common Law Marriage.  We walked around a bit and was meet by one of the volunteers just as we were leaving.  A very interesting character to say the least.  He knew so much of the history of the area, both good and bad, and spent over an hour talking with us.  It really is great to meet someone that truly enjoys their work!



Sights Along the Hwy



Light was getting low for most of the remaining journey back but we stopped long enough to take a shot of the Teepee picnic area that is located along the highway between Presidio and Big Bend as well as the Javelina we were lucky enough to get a quick shot of crossing the road.  After a long drive we are ready to hit the pillows fast and hard tonight.  Tomorrow we plan to head out to see the east side of Big Bend National Park.






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