Letting The Imagination Run Wild

Posted: March 24, 2012 in 2011 summer trip
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July 8, 2011

We awoke to raindrops hitting the roof of the camper this morning which signaled some down time in our explorations.  This was fine with both us.  We love days where we just vegetate reading a book or watching a movie or two.  Yes, we do bring along some luxuries with us that are not “back to nature.”  A couple of years ago we bought the youngest a portable video player which we quickly realized would be great for our long trips in the vehicle.  There is only so much to talk about when you drive 8 hrs straight.  Don’t get me wrong, we talk.  Boy do we talk.  I am amazed sometimes the topics we find ourselves so passionately conversing about.  But there it is nice too to have the ability to sit in the passenger seat and pass time with a good movie.  Too bad for Andrew I always seem to be the one in the passenger seat when it is movie time.

Today seemed an excellent day though to just let the mind veg.    The storms were persistent much of the day, sometimes more heavily than other times.  The reservoir quickly filled as did the ditches that were completely empty the day before.  It is easy to see how flash floods occur here and the dangers of them.  Even the paved surfaces of the park experienced the effects as mud from the hill that surrounds the park spilled down the small like rivers leaving deposits of mud everywhere.  Our site was fairly protected as directly behind us was a partially grassed area, but the site directly adjacent to the lake quickly became part of the lake.  The family had pitched a tent the previous day close to the water and had now retreated to the concrete pad housing the picnic table.  We spoke with them earlier and they said they knew it was time to move when the ground underneath started feeling more like a waterbed.  I have camped in a tent when it is raining.  Not fun and we are happy we have the pop-up.

I managed a dip in the lake in between rains.  The water was very crisp and it took me ages to completely submerge.  I finally had to plunge in.  I loved the fact that it was crystal clear and the bottom was void of vegetation.  As much as we are around water one might be under the impression we are water bugs.  I am actually very particular about where my tootsies enter.  I dislike the feeling of vegetation and mud squishing in between my toes and so prefer sandy or pebbly bottoms.    I guess I could solve this by wearing water shoes but then that is another pair of shoes to pack.

Later in the day Andrew decided to photograph the surround area around the park.  The colors in the earth, plants, and sky were so vibrant compared to what they are when it is dry.  Viewing the lands from this perspective is like watching a movie for the second time and no longer being concerned about the plot and being able to concentrate on all the details missed in the previous viewing.  We have driven past a tractor in a field everyday as we come and go from the park.  Today we actually notice it was there and how beautiful the contrast of the colors of the tractor against the field setting it was.

This ditch was completely dry yesterday.  I wish we could have been able to take a shot of the water spilling out of the large metal pipes.  As dramatic as it is now in a few hours this will all be gone again…gravity taking it along as swiftly as it came.

The park is actually set back off from the road…you first have to cross the ditch…then the road that leads back…about 1/4 mile…passes by a couple of farm homes and buildings.  Today after the rain they really had an endearing quality about them that made you wish you lived here.

A few years back we watch a movie about a crazy family in Kentucky.  It was one of those “B” rated phyco killer movies.  Not something I usually watch and cannot for the life of me even remember how I was conned into watching it in the first place.  Anyway, in the movie a group of college students get lost back in the hills of Kentucky and their vehicle breaks down.  They are rescued by a tow truck but quickly you discover that this is not such a good thing.  The family are…well crazy.  They keep the mother (whom has no legs or arms) under the bed and under her direction the three brothers kill expecting travels.  Now where am I going with all this I can just hear you say.  Well by now everyone that has read our blog knows both my husband and I have strange imaginations.  The reservoir for this park backs up to a junk yard.  Not many would have even noticed it was even there.  It is well hidden from the park and can only be seen from one point which is not that well traveled.  However we of course find it as we were driving along the south end of the reservoir.  We glanced down the embankment and notice that there were several old campers sitting down there amongst the other rusted vehicles.  These campers mind you looked like they might have been there awhile but did not exactly fit in with the others.  Okay you can just imagine what was going through our heads.  We could see the headlines now….”Family of Four Disappears Without A Trace….Police Have No Clues.”  We had a great time coming up with headlines.

One last look of the the small park we are staying at from the opposite side of the reservoir.  You can’t see our site but we are directly behind the white camper that is in the center of the photo.

  1. […] Letting The Imagination Run Wild […]

  2. Sykes Bev says:

    Lovely clear landscape photos after the rain. Can almost smell the freshness of the air!
    Yes, I agree with you about sleeping above ground Sharon. No more camping in wet cow pat infested paddocks close to swollen rivers for me either, though I am glad I’ve had that experience!
    love Mum x

    • triptracker says:

      I would really like to have your vehicle. It has everything and is so self contained. Great for not having to take an hour to pack up or unpack.

      • Bev says:

        Revisiting your site (again) and as we have been to Outback Queensland recently (as you know), can now comment on your desire for our vehicle, a self contained motorhome. Well, after seeing the roads, flooded and rough that you have travelled the past few trips, I can tell you that your four wheel drive and poptop camper trailer can go where our motorhome cannot, that is, if we don’t want it wrecked. We pretty much have to stay on the bitumen if we don’t want to chance damaging our undercarriage which has low clearance. Also, we could damage all those fancy electrics we have through jolting and bumping on rough roads. Bogging our van after rain when the sandy soil turns to glue is a real possibility and we were told by the locals that it is okay to drive through whilst it is raining, but not when the rain stops. There are horses for courses we learned. Luckily we were able to see plenty of wonderful sights without venturing much off the bitumen, riding our bikes and using the good old hiking boots. A bike puncture from bindies, lots of blisters and sore muscles were easily (and cheaply) fixed! We did chance rutted dirt roads three times – to the Age of Dinosaurs, to Carnarvon Gorge and after I took a wrong road and ended up at Krombit Tops – all wonderful experiences, luckily without mishap!
        We did meet folk who were not so lucky though and w
        e will continue to be cautious I think! love Bev/Mum

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