A Room With A View – Part 2

Posted: February 25, 2012 in 2011 summer trip
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July 3, 2011

Andrew decided to pick up his camera at this point a take a picture or two.  Now I am not saying that he tries to out do me on the shots….but yeah….he does.  But I have to admit he has an eye for the shot.  As I was going through the multitudes of pictures, carefully selecting those that I deemed worth of the blog my jaw dropped when I reached the ones that Andrew had taken.  We were both in this same place but somehow he had captured it with just the right fore and background.  Just the right cloud coverage.  Just the right about of lighting or lack of.  So Part to of “A Room With A View” takes you on the return journey through a different lens.

It opens with a view of the Grand Canyon. There were several outcrops that enabled you to literally hang over the edge of the canyon.  This particular one had a natural walkway.  However from the shot taken from the side it does not seem there is too much holding it in place.  With all the cracks it is a wonder it is still standing and I am glad I did not see this before I stepped out there to take a peep.

Not much holding this section up

Sharon on outcrop

The North Rim is very diverse and a beautiful drive.  You have the views of the canyon from two locations.  The main viewing area where the lodge is located and from the highest point known as the Northeast Viewing Area which is located along a scenic drive.  This area was hit by lightening a few years back and the forest fires damage are still visible along the tree line.

Death and Rebirth

Signs of the Recent Fire

At the top of the ridge of tree is the Northeast Viewing Area.  Two young girls pulled up just as we did and trotted up to the look out ahead of us.  Now mind you this is a one way in, one way out.  I mean it is the Grand Canyon.  When we came down the steps to the outcrop the two girls were no where to be found…the only evidence was a set of car keys laying on the ground.  Curious we quickly looked over the edge fearing they may have fallen.  No, not only had they left their car keys for anyone to pick up and drive off with (guess they were worried they may drop them off the cliff) but the morons had climbed over the railing and now were clamoring far out over the canyon ridge like silly fools.  All this for a picture.  Bet they didn’t get any pictures like the ones Andrew did.

girls daring death

With a nice afternoon coming to a close we head back the way we came.  We stopped a  second time at Navajo Bridge.  The lighting at this time of day made for some astonishing photos with both the sunlight and shadows along the canyon, bridge, water, and mountains.

A few more stops along the way we find some interesting shots.  This lone plane sitting in the dirt constituted as the sole piece of equipment for this airport.  There wasn’t even a building.  Just one plane and it’s runway.

Closer to Hwy 89 we stop one last time and take in the surrounding plains and mountains.  The sun setting and road glimmer makes for a perfect finish for a perfect day.

  1. Bev Sykes says:

    Fantastic. Loved ALL of the photos – you are both wonderful photographers with a different ‘feel’ and ‘eye’ for each shot. Loved the contrasting strength of steel bridge spans against the rock.

    Mum xxx

  2. triptracker says:

    That steel bridge photos he shot really were fantastic. The strength of the steel really was portrayed in the pictures.

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