Bring Back My Bonnie To Me

Posted: January 17, 2012 in 2011 summer trip
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June 26, 2011

We woke early today.  Technically we are two hours behind Dallas time but we are trying to stay in a routine so that when we return we can jump right back in without our bodies feeling off sync.  We will have enough to get used to again, such as altitude and humidity change.  Even though it is really 6:00 am here our bodies screamed “Hey lazy butt! It’s 8:00 am already! Up with ya now”  Well at least mine did….I think Andrew and Shyla’s screamed “Take a chill pill Sharon and go back to sleep!”  It is very quiet at this time of morning but by 6:30-7:00 Arizona time most people were up and moving around anyway, many taking in a walk with their pets before the heat set in.  We have noticed that this park seems to be a favorite for pet owners.  Or maybe just everyone in Arizona has dogs.  Almost every site has at least one dog with them, and for the most part all are very social.

We decide to take a nice walk along a path that we found that ran around the small lake.  Shyla was in a good spirits today, wanting to take a dip in the lake around every bend.  The water is very clean and clear but does not have a swim area.  Today the surface is very smooth and would be great for a small kayak.  There are a few boats but as this is a no wake lake most are drifting along with fisherman quietly casting their lines.  There was one catamaran on the lake taking advantage of the gentle breeze and the smooth waters.

The trail ended on the other side of the lake at a fishing pier where two elderly men were contently casting their lines.   At first glance they seemed part of the landscape and we were weary about disturbing them.  However they nodded as we neared and as we passed I was reminded of times past when I younger and would go fishing with my father.  The conversations that transpired were without actual words but instead in actions.  Worming my first hook, casting my first line, and catching that first fish, even if it was only a sunfish the size of my finger.  It was in the quiet solitude waiting for line to tug signaling the catch where father and daughter seem to connect.  Life wasn’t always easy growing up in rural towns but when we travel I often find my self reminiscing of times past.  In a way Rebeca and Nina missed out on many experiences living in the city.

Not knowing how further it was if we decided to blaze our own trail we reluctantly headed back the same way we had come.  Luckily we did as the distance continuing on was much further than what we realized, not there was a trail anyway to follow.  On the return we found that the lake has a finger that continues on for a good 3 or 4 miles and would definitely have been way to far for Shyla.  As it was she slowed down much more on the return trip.  This gave us plenty of opportunities to pause taking in the views and terrain.

The temperature was not at all hot but the fact that were fairly high in altitude increased the intensity of it.  Seating found in a shaded spot was a welcoming site and gave us a moment of reprieve from the rays.

This is the flowering part of the Yucca plant and was so delightfully full that I could not resist photographing it.

Later that afternoon we took a drive into town to collect a few groceries for the week.  We have borrowed Rebeca’s mini-fridge that was bought for her dorm room a couple of years ago and so we are able to keep the food chilled, and even make ice, without the noisy electric cooler or the messy ice chest we had been toting with us previously.

Later that evening we were honored to meet a local Arizonian camping with her grandparents.  I believe she, Samatha, told us she was 8 and was dragging along her pooch named Bonnie.  Bonnie was a black Scotch Terrier.  Samatha also had another Terrier hidden in her camper, named Belle, that was not quite as social with other animals we were told.  She was very delightful and told us all about herself.  She would be staying the week as we would so I guess we will be seeing both over the next few days.  There is a burn ban in effect for the entire area, including the park, and so without being able to start a fire to sit around we head in early for the night.

  1. Bev Sykes says:

    Sounds like our kind of day too. Barry & I hike early, then amble around out checking out anything that takes our fancy; birds, plants, wildlife, interact with folks we come across, live simply. Lovely memories of your early life Sharon. Bev/Mum xxx

  2. triptracker says:

    My father took me hunting once I remember. I don’t believe he ever shot at a living creature but here was the two of us in the woods. I must of been about 11 maybe…maybe even younger. I remember we were squirrel hunting, not that I understood what that meant at the time. We had been out in the woods about an hour kind of walking around and talking and then my dad raised the gun (where that came from I don’t even know because I never remember my dad ever owning a gun actually) and me saying with this bewildered look on my face “You are not actually going to shot it are you?” My dad laughed so hard that day?

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