The Siege

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Our daily life
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February 4, 2010
Color Splash

We have spent the last 3 days prisoners in our own house.  Texas, like much of the country, has been hit hard with winter weather.  On Monday, I was wearing a sleeveless nylon dress with sandals and temperatures were in the mid 70’s.  On Tuesday, we woke up to an inch of ice on the ground – way more dangerous than an inch of snow. I was greeted by a 5am phone call letting me know that school was canceled for the day and that the temperature was not meant to reach above 20 degrees.  It was bitter sweet news. For one, I could turn off the alarm and snuggle deeper into the covers but unfortunately this also means that we will have to make the work day up on a day that we we supposed to have a long weekend.  More importantly, it meant that we would be stuck in the house, or at least confined to the neighborhood, as the streets are just too slick to drive on.  Too bad we had not thought to hitch the camper up and found a warm spot where we could camp before it hit.  But then again we would have missed seeing this!

What we woke to....

Winter Wonderland

…four days later.  Magically, this morning we woke to a beautiful, fresh blanket of snow on the ground.  It snowed consistently all night and now we have been rewarded with about 4-5 inches on the ground.  Last year we had more than 12 inches but this is just as beautiful.  At least it feels like we really should be at home, away from work and school.  Watching the morning news though it would seem too many fools thought they were mightier than mother nature and ventured out on the roads to whatever destination they thought would be open today (everything in Dallas was pretty much closed).  Mother nature had other ideas – the news showed shot after shot of cars, trucks, and even semis stuck in the snow and iced-over freeways.  This shot of the the snow on the license plate is almost an oxymoron – most envision Texas as barren with cowboys sweating on horses corralling cattle…..

Home on the Range.....or.....Iceland?????

Shyla and I decide to take a walk and enjoy the serenity of the morning while we can as tomorrow they are forecasting that it will begin to warm back up again and will probably even reach the mid 40’s.  This could all be gone just as quickly as it came.  Though there is still the ice sitting below the snow which may slow down the melting process.

I remember when Andrew brought the hat I am wearing back from Australia.....the kids didn't quite know what to say about them then.....I remember wearing them as a kid myself.....Now they are all the rage!

On our return we find Andrew with camera in hand taking pictures of the terrain.

Remember the picture of the birdhouse at the park last week......A little different setting this weekend.

It is amazing how one’s perspective of where they live changes with a covering of pure white everywhere.  Shyla has a fresh pep to her step!  She is so excited, just like a puppy again. The snow is very powdery….it would be perfect for skiing.  It doesn’t really stick together so a snowman is probably out of the question…as would be a snowball fight.  I tried throwing a snowball, but it fell apart as soon as it left my hand.  Shyla however got so excited.  Seems she thinks as our neighborhood has become a giant snow cone machine.  Thinking with her stomach as per usual (remember the shots of Lake Murray).

Here Shyla.....what flavor would like with your snow cone??

Springing into action.....

Looks edible and I am not going miss out.....just in case.

Getting a mouthful......

.....and a face full at that!!!

Champagne Powder

Okay.....Shyla you look just a little freaky here.....

By 3pm the sun had finally come out.  It is still below freezing but the snow is melting on the road.  Gonna be a mess when it freezes over tonight!  This is the longest we have been confined to our home due to severe weather.  All in all the weather took us hostage Tuesday and will probably continue to do so until late tomorrow, maybe even Sunday or Monday.  But who knows… week we could be back in short sleeves and sandals again!

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    Thanks for letting us share your beautiful Winter scene. We were wondering how you were going and are astonished at the breadth of the big freeze over there. If you look at the ABC website there are some other incredible photos eg a man fishing in a frozen Chicago river and a gorgeous one of cafe chairs and table with round ice cushions to match. Hopefully you have power on. Who knows, you may need your air con. soon!
    The tail end of the Q’land cyclone has created flash flooding in Victoria and Geelong’s cut off from Melbourne. We were without power and our ketttle whistled on the BBQ for brekkie . Power on thankfully now as I need to cook some food today for a friend’s memorial service for her son. Bought ingredients at the supermarket yesterday during a deluge which outed their power. Think they had their own generator though. Better get back to it before something else happens!! love Mum/Bev x

    • triptracker says:

      We actually took a quick ride out this afternoon in the truck. Just up the street to my school. Wanted to take a picture to use in the yearbook as it is usually only once a year when we get snow and this is the first time since I have been teaching that we have had so many consecutive days out of school for it. Roads not too bad but as it is not above freezing will be horrible tomorrow morning with all the slush freezing again. You are always on the go Bev. I thought being retired meant you get to start living a slower more relaxed life. Find some time for yourself too.

      Lots of Love


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