Where’s Wally (Waldo)???

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Park Trips
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January 16, 2011

We woke up today to sounds that resembled waves crashing on surf beach.  The wind is really blowing this morning. Yesterday’s sheet of glass has been transformed into a steady stream of waves today.  It started out overcast but by noon the sun finally broke through.

Andrew and Shyla took off to take some shots while I took care of the payment for the site.  We have lucked out.  This site would have cost $75 during the summer months, but because the water was shut off and it is the winter, we saved $30 on the fees.  What a deal!  On the way to the office (about 4 miles north of where we are camped) I passed by an unfortunate raccoon that met up with a car – and not as a passenger. The buzzards were abound taking in the feast and doing what they do.  HMMM… I wonder if this was the same ‘coon that had visited us last night?  Poor thing.

As I drove past, about 10 birds were feasting on the poor thing….these two were unfazed with the truck and my approach.
We drove to the boat ramp after lunch and hit the trail head that heads towards Dukes Forest Camp area.  As always Shyla found a way to find herself in the water.  We have joked that when we are camping she no longer wants the filtered water we bring….but now her majesty requires the imported version…..with all the salt and fish taste to please any royalty’s palette. Perrier anyone?

Have to admit, even i am tempted to dive in

This area is closed. When we finally emerge from the woods, the camp area is all ours…except for any critters lurking around.  Finding a picnic table nestled amongst some trees we eat a light snack and take some glamor shots. We spent some time reviewing our shots and realize that Shyla always finds her way into most of them. We thought it would be funny to take all the shots and make a book like “Where’s Wally (or Waldo – as it’s called in America). She may not always be the in the forefront but she is always somewhere in there.

Here she comes again

Next Pantene Girl!!!

In the afternoon, we decide to take a drive north to Turner Falls.  We visited this place the second time Andrew visited America. Right before we reached the turn off, the traffic suddenly came to a stand still.  I don’t do too well in traffic jams even when I’m not driving.  Luckily, we were only about a mile from the exit, which everyone was being forced to take.  This area is slightly more rugged with more definition in the hills. We decided not to go into the falls area as the admission price was pretty steep but we found a great location to take a few shots of the falls.

view of Turner Falls as the sun was setting

This image was so blown out to begin with.....but I like this look I created....looks like a old time postcard

On our return to base camp, the back-up on the Interstate had really grown.  We were able to see what looked like a trailer of some sort (looked like a camper to me but could have been a semi-truck) on the side of the road.  Luckily, the back up was only on the north bound side and so we were freely move down the freeway.  We decide to take the long route around the east side of the lake to see what treasure spots we can find.  This park boast a camp area designated for ATV use on the north side of the lake.  There were a few riders out on the trails and it looks as if they have several camp spots for them too.  Most state parks do not allow ATV as they are very destructive to the environment, not to mention the noise they make.  This area is all by it self and so it does not disturb those who are not ATV enthusiasts.  Further around the lake we find 3 additional camping area that are currently closed off to use.  All of them have lake access but both Andrew and I agree that are not quite as nice as the one we are staying at.  The sites are much closer together and very open.  Would be very hot in the summer months.  On the south side of the lake we find a stone tower that you can walk up to take in the view of the lake.  We are a little late in arriving and even though it is before closing time it would seem that the caretakers have decided to call it a night and have already settled into the small cottage next to it to watch their tv.  No worries,  we still have a ways to go and want to make it back before dark anyway.

Back at the site we prepared some wonderful burgers and instead of buns had them with Naan flat bread.  The BBQ chips and Egg Nog were a fine accompaniment and topped off the feast nicely.

Looks like something out of a cookbook

We took a nice long walk after dark tonight taking in the chill of the night and the quietude.  We will definitely miss this when we get back home!


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