Posted: January 21, 2011 in Park Trips
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January 14, 2011

Well we are on the road again. This time we are heading out of Texas into southern Oklahoma to Lake Murray located 24 miles just north of the Texas/Oklahoma border on I35. The park is actually made up of smaller areas that surround the lake that encompasses approximately 12,500 acres and has over 300 campsites. Most of the camping areas are closed for the winter months but two are still open. Arriving around 2:30 we find the campground almost empty. We have our pick of some of the best lake spots. We decided on site 43 which is located directly on the lake and is an end site and tucked away. Andrew positioned the camper so that when sitting inside we have an unobstructed view of the beautiful lake. Lake Murray has the most tranquil water we have ever seen in a lake. The water is crystal clear and as it deepens turns to the most beautiful aqua green/blue we have ever seen. The sites on the waters edge all have access to a sandy beach area and the lake gradually slopes so is excellent for families with small children for wading without fear of going too deep too fast. To top it off the water in this area is protected and so it so still it resembles a sheet of glass.

Site 43 at Lake Murray State Park in Oklahoma

Our site it seems has the water turned off. There was a hard freeze here last week and so we suspect many of the sites close to the water may have had their water shut off to lessen the risk of broken pipes. It is a slight inconvenience but town is not too far away and so we head out after setting everything up to pick up a few bottles of drinking water for the weekend. Back at the site we settle in for the scrumptious Chinese dinner we brought along with us. YUM! YUM! With dinner finished we head outside to take a few shots of the lake in the looming darkness. It is a overcast night with the light of the moon not exactly peeking through but instead casting a glow on the lake that at first glance looks as if the lake is actually glowing. Made me think of a show that was on a few years back called INVASION and it centered around a town where the lake glowed from aliens in the water….All the next few shots were taken by Andrew in complete darkness. The detail he can pick up with the right settings is amazing, especially when the flash is not being used.

Sharon and Shyla watching the glow of the lake

The forecast calls for temperatures close to freezing tonight but it really doesn’t feel as cold as you might think, especially as I have the heated mattress pad and Andrew has the 8 inch thick sleeping bag he bought last year. Seems as if there is a railroad track close by as we hear the horn blaring about every 20 minutes or so throughout the night. It seems strange – we feel so isolated in this spot.


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