Ice Age 4

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Park Trips
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January 15, 2011

Woke to a chilly but beautiful morning. The gloom that was settled over us yesterday has broken and cleared away to reveal a beautiful day. The park boasts a vast trail system and so we have decided to explore parts of it today. A paved path leads away from our site and this is where we begin our walk. We find a side trail veering off cross country and head off into the wooded area.

Okay....So which way did they go....I know they were just here?!?

Trail used for hiking and bikes

The hiking is relatively easy. The terrain has a gradual incline but we are able to keep a relatively fast pace for most of it. Even Shyla was able to keep the pace going….sniffing all the wonderful scents along the way. It is amazing how her demeanor changes on this trip. At home she is so lethargic at times, yet as soon as we arrive at a park she is like a little kid again, running here, there, and everywhere.

On the way back we find a patch of ice that is left over from the previous weeks storm. All the cracks and holes inspired me to take some close up shots. These shots are taken about 3 inches from the surface of the ice in macro mode. They reminded me of glaciers.

Capturing the last of the ice age before the great warm up

Back at the site Andrew captured a couple of really excellent shots of Shyla as she lunged to capture the morsels thrown at her. She is such a smuck. She acts like she is starved to death!

Shyla has the "Look I am being very good....Give me a treat please" pose down to an art

Such focus when it comes to food...we should train her for the circus!

With lunch out of the way and Andrew and I now with too much free time on our hands we decide it’s time for a little round of  Death By Camera. We spent way too much time running around a tree trying to hide from each other (which Andrew is an expert at) and at the same time trying to get a shot of each other. YEAH, WE’RE TRUE WEIRDOS!!!!

Peek - A -

BOO!!! Notice the new look Andrew's chin is sporting.....

Tired of chasing each other and taking pictures of each others shoes we decide to take another walk over to the sites at some of the other camping grounds. In this area, all of the sites are nested in tall pine trees and are well shaded. Most of the sites are also water edge sites. We find one in particular that even has a fire pit right on the beach line for those chilly nights. These would be great sites in the warmer months. As they are pine trees they were too shaded and would have been too chilly for this trip. It was better to pick a site out in the open so the sun, while it was out, at least gave us some warmth and an incredible view of the lake.

Shoreline of Cedar Cove campsites

Campsite in Cedar Cove

Back at our site the sun is at the perfect position for some afternoon photos. It is casting a golden glow over the terrain and we are able to capture some unique shots at the fishing pier.

Here comes terror (Wally)

The light rays reflecting off the cattails caught my eye

I captured this view from under the fishing pier. Notice the crystal clear water

We were floored by the blues in this picture!!

The shore between our campsite and the pier

View of picnic area from the pier

Notice our campsite in the distance. Our site was the only one along the shore. We found out today that the sites were actually closed for the winter but the host was nice enough to let us continue staying at it!

The lake was so still at this time of day that it looks like glass

We finished the day out with a hot pot roast that I made the week before and some tea. Then took a few night shots to end a perfect day!!!

YUM YUM....Warm pot roast and veggies to end the day!

A beautiful setting to end a perfect day!

In the middle of the night we were awoken from a scratching noise just outside the door. Now if we were in Colorado I would probably be worrying about bears but not in these parts – thank goodness. I didn’t actually see it (I sent Andrew and Shyla out to investigate) but it seems as if a raccoon has found it’s way to our site and is attempting to infiltrate our cooler. I don’t think it could actually open the lid as it has a pretty tight catch on it but it was persistent and after two failed attempts shooing it away we decided to load the cooler in the truck.

  1. Don + Susan Sutton says:

    Thank-you both Love the sunsets very professional camera work. Feel like we went on another Holiday this week-end and so pleased you both look so well

  2. triptracker says:

    Andrew’s camera is incredible. He can really capture some inspiring shots. One of the nights we we outside around 9 or so….well after dark….and were able to take pictures of shadows on the ground that were barely visible to the naked eye but came out brilliantly with the lens.

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