The Creature From The Sewage Lagoon

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Park Trips
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Well today is D-Day.  The day to head home.  We always regret this day for obvious reasons.  Lake Murray is so close to home though that we do not have to get up early and we can take our time packing up and still get back home before dark.  After a leisurely breakfast we decide to get everything ready to leave but we leave the camper up so that after our walk we can come back and have a casual lunch before leaving.

We have decided to hit the trail system again today. This time heading south of our campsite.  The trails are also shared by bikers and even though we have a map indicating the trails, they are not all marked and at times trails seem to appear from out of nowhere. They twist and turn suddenly veer this way or that and we often find ourselves heading in a totally different direction than originally planned.  This is precisely what happened to us  yesterday on our return from Duke’s Forest.  We found ourselves doubling back and heading in the direction we just had left.

Just before exiting the trail we were on today we came upon a sign attached to a fence that piqued our interest.  Curiouser and curiouser, the sign just tantalized our imagination conjuring up all kinds of questions. The next thing I know, Andrew is scampering up to take a look-see.  Who knows, this might be where they keep THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON…or I should say THE CREATURE FROM THE SEWAGE LAGOON!

I have heard of a lagoon...but a sewage lagoon? Anyone for a dip?

Ah...that doesn't look too ominous-but wait...where did Shyla (Wally) go???

After all members of our posse were accounted for we continue on a little further and find ourselves at Tipps campground.  This is a smaller area and it has some good and bad sites.  The sites sitting on the west side are too close to each other for our comfort with the picnic table literally sitting merely two feet behind where the camper would sit in the next site.  I don’t think it’s very well laid out.  The sites on the east side, with direct access to the water are much nicer.  They are very spacious with a full, beautiful view of the lake.  This area is much more open as it is on the tip of land extending out to the center of the lake and thus was very windy as you can see by the waves in the water. We felt like we were looking out into a small bay instead of a lake.

Trying to keep warm. It was very windy on this side

Not much warmth coming from the sun in the background. I will have to warm it up with my smile!

Reluctantly, we head back to the site to fix some lunch.  We have really worked up an appetite today as we were gone about 3 hours on this excursion.  After some pizza subs and some fruit we finish packing the camper up and begin our journey home.  Andrew says he would like to come back as it is so close but you know me…there is a million new places to explore…why limit yourself?

Back on the road again - refreshed and renewed...


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