Live Oak Ridge Park on Lake Belton

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October 2010

We on the road to a park less than 2 hours from the house, south of Temple, Texas off I35.  We have picked a Corps of Engineers location this round.  Live Oak Ridge Park sits on a Lake Belton which is fairly large lake.  The park itself is fairly small but directly across from the park is natural area that provides for many trials to walk.  Being so close we are able to hitch up and head out Friday after work and make it down to the park just after dark.  The site we have chosen is #7 and is well shaded with the picnic table located behind us with a view of the lake below. We also liked site #11 and if we camp here again will probably try to secure this one as it provides more room from it’s neighboring sites.

the site next to ours

the view from our site into the campground. There are plenty of trees in this park

I am actually a little under the weather on this trip.  I have been sick with some type of chest infections for about 4 weeks now and have had some pretty violent coughing fits.  We have decided to take it easy on this trip and just take in the fresh air and relax.  Or at least that is what we have in mind.  Our neighbor across the way may have other ideas.  They have a motorized scooter that they, and when I say they I really mean a middle aged man has been on it all day…..and I mean ALL DAY!!!!  BACK and FORWARD….FORWARD AND BACK….it is about enough to drive someone to commit murder.  It wasn’t until about 5pm before the park officials finally came and asked that they stop using the scooter.  I think everyone around was about to start clapping.  They must of made an impression but not the one you would expect because the next thing we hear is the woman at the site shouting “We’ll Show Them”….”Okay kids.  Make as much noise as you can”  and up  starts the scooter again.  Well this time the big guns were brought in and I think they were threatened to leave because after the second visit we didn’t hear boo anymore and the following day they had packed up and left at sunrise (and not quite at that)!

We spent some time taking pictures of the natural surroundings.  Found a huge spider web nestled in the corner of the shelter over the picnic table and found the most unusual bug we have ever seen (besides the wasps in Colorado).  This bug looked like a walking stick.  The body actually looked like a twig and it’s legs looked like blades of grass.  I have never seen anything like it before.  We spent about an hour amused by this creature.

We shared our eating quarters with this large specimen

We later found out that these are called stick insects and are very common. I have lived in Texas for over 20 years and have never seen them before

Sunday we decided to take a short walk over at the natural preserve area.  We didn’t get to go too far before turning back.  I realized that the terrain was probably going to be a little too much to try and conquer this trip.  We will have to visit again and hit these trails another time.  After taking a few shots of the lake through the tree line at our camp we pack up and head back home.


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