Caution to the Wind

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December 31, 2010
New Year’s Eve

Today we are heading southeast of home to visit a small park called Purtis Creek State Park. We have picked this park as it is about the only park close by (within 2 hour drive) that we have not visited. The sun is shinning brightly today…and I can’t seem to find the sunshades anywhere, but the temperature is only hovering around 50 and the air has a bite to it with a slight wind blowing.

We will stop close by and pick up a sandwich to go along with the small picnic we have assembled. We decided to make iced coffee (this decision was made in the house and now stepping outside maybe the hot coffee Andrew wanted to make instead would have been more suitable for the weather). Never mind…we are tough….we will make it work!!!

The drive takes us southeast out of Dallas on Hwy 175. It is a major highway road and not very busy today at all. The land is fairly flat in this part and the towns we pass have a slow and easy country life feel to them. The trip only takes us around 1 1/2 hours to reach our destination.

The park we find is very small indeed but boasts 59 electric sites and several primitive sites also. We took a drive around the camping area and most of the sites seemed fairly private. A couple of them even had water front access, though this is a very small lake and so comprises mainly of small fishing boats.

Shot of the small lake's swim area from our picnic table....Shyla paid no heed to the sign that said "No Dogs In or Around Beach Area." When she gets a whiff of something she is a dog on a mission.

We stop first at the day use area which has a small swim area and plenty of picnic tables nestled in trees. The wind is much cooler here and is cutting right through the thin jacket and shirt I am wearing. Luckily I put a blanket in the truck as we were leaving and so now huddled in that we set to eating our lunch.

Trying to stay warm while I eat....not easy when I am drinking ICED coffee....

Andrew took the next few shots. I brought my camera too but I am satisfied playing the part of super model today. Couldn’t help myself with some of the shots, and will probably regret one day posting them online.

This was either me in mid sentence...of puckering up.....take your pick!

Andrew was trying to take a picture of me but every time he pulled the camera to his face I would lean up almost right on the lens. Sort of distorted the proportions but made for a fun picture we think.

With lunch out of the way and packed up we have decided to venture on the trails. They have a short trail system but it has two loops to pick from which you can walk between 3 and 5 miles round trip. We have decided to start with three miles and see how Shyla holds up. If she looks able we will add the second loop for the 5 miles. The parking for the trailhead is directly next to the lake and Shyla quickly determines it is time to check the water out.

Shyla does well for the first hour of the walk. The terrain is very flat and the path is well trodden and so we keep a fairly fast pace today. Fast enough that after a few minutes I am actually not cold any more, even though we are in the shade of the trees. Most of the trees have lost their leaves but the trees are fairly dense and the height provide for heavy shadows. One part of the trail looks as if the earth had a slight sink hole and they had placed some caution tape up to block the path. However the tape now is torn and flowing in the wind. Don’t know why but it reminded us of pageant sashes and since this seemed to be my day for glamour shots we took a few posing with it. I think it would have been funnier to get Andrew to do the pose but he was not going for it. Hanging from another tree was some more of the tape. If you find me dead one day hanging from a tree… will know where Andrew got the idea….hahahah

"Caution" is EXACTLY right!

Remember boys and girls....don't try this at home...

Finishing the first loop we decided that Shyla step just didn’t have the same pep in it as at the beginning of the walk and so we were inclined to take a miss on the second loop. Oh well, leave it for another day I guess.

So...does that mean red is straight ahead or right........?????

On the way back we passed a plant that had these wispy seeds that seemed to want to travel on our pants and so I decided to pluck a few and send them on their way via wind mail. Shyla decided to take one last dip in the water……gotta make sure she brought home the smell of fish for our ride back home I guess.

On the way home we decided to end the night with a double feature at the drive-in as we really weren’t too far away. Just needed to head west to I45 and then north a couple of miles. Tonight however was not the best line up. Mostly kiddie movies. We wanted to see True Grit but didn’t know if we could sit through Yogi Bear first to watch it. Decided in the end to test out the “Little Fockers” and no I didn’t misspell a curse word….and “How Do You Know.” For just $12, $6 each you get a two movie line up….best price around by far….Little Fockers was funny but definitely not as the first. However “How Do You Know” …. after about 45 minutes we still had no clue where the movie was going and for the very first time ever….we left before it finished. However, not before we ate a bite size pizza, 2 bags of the best and saltest fries I ever had, and 2 hot coco’s each……Yum Yum to our Tum Tum.

Sign outside of Galaxy Drive In Theatre in Ennis

On the way home we were treated with an awesome fireworks display right next to the freeway.  It was like having a show just for ourselves.

Arrived home about 15 minutes before the new year and so we settled in and watched it being brought in both as a repeat from New York (as they are 2 hours ahead of us) and live in Las Vegas (which is odd as I thought they were 2 hours behind us????). We also watched a replay of the Sydney Harbor show of lights. Very spectacular indeed!!!

We decided 2010 was a good year for us and talked about the many adventures we have had this year. Love to ALL!!!!!

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    What lubbly shots….and a very happy new year to you too! Hope you have many other wonderful trips (and share them with us of course!)
    Where did you get that blanket – it’s amazing?

    love Mum/Bev xx

  2. triptracker says:

    the blanket was actually a gift of my oldest daughter a few years back for christmas… is so soft and fits wonderfully in the truck console….the pattern is just a christmas scene…..i actually went back and tried to see the beauty that you were seeing but just didn’t see it…..hmmmm….guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder…hahahaha

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