Day 8 – I Dream Of Jeanie

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Thanksgiving 2010 trip
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November 27, 2010

Today is our last day before we head home tomorrow.  We awoke to a beautiful day and plan on spending the day snapping the camera around the park again.  Shyla barely budged this morning.  She is extremely wore out and we will let her laze about for a bit but she won’t be able to laze it all day!

Today we head toward the boat ramp.  There is a boat out on the lake with several fisherman.    On shore we pass two older women, that are camped a few sites away, fishing with what look like cane rods.  As I was photographing them I turned to look at Andrew and the light was glimmering just to the side of him.  It almost looked as if a spirit is next to him!

We got pretty goofy at this point trying to capture a picture that resembled the light coming out of my mouth as if I am an alien or something.

After our foolishness we got back to shooting our surroundings again.  I really like the perspective on the plants and the background on the photos.

Tiny lone maple leaf sprouting its way through the rocks by the shore

Walking back up the road we noticed the arrow and worked for about 30 minutes trying to get the shot without shadows.  I almost succeeded with Andrew.

Then the foolishness was back and this time we were shooting shots of me on the playground swings.  He had one in which it looks as if I am part of the world that is found in between the living and the dead…..oooohhhhwwwww!!!

Boy I am so thin you can literally see through me...hahahah

Back at the campsite we were able to capture a beautiful shot of the sun setting in the west.  A beautiful way to end our trip as we will reluctantly leave early tomorrow to head home

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    Well, I am stuck for words as I can’t stop laughing at the thought of you two goofing around in the woods – enough to scare any bears away probably! Incredible shot of Andrew and stars. Sunset shot absolutely beautiful.
    Thanks for another lovely trip!
    love Bev/Mum

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