Day 4 – In Vivid Color

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Thanksgiving 2010 trip
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November 23, 2010

We stayed mainly around the site today. Andrew did a bit of drawing and I was content to read huddled in a blanket by the lake.

Currently reading Robin Cook’s new thriller “Cure.” Not as good as some of his other books in the past but still enjoyable. I have a theory that the writers don’t write their own work anymore. The stories just don’t have the same feel about them. First felt this way with Stephen King’s novels. For anyone that reads horror The Stand is a master piece, especially the unabridged version. That is not to dismiss many of his other stories like “It,” “Rose Madder” and “Misery.” The way he would spend chapter after chapter developing his characters and scenes. Slowly and sometimes painfully building the plot so that the reader is fully enveloped in the story. And then suddenly the stories changed. The characters no longer had the time put in them to develop a true understanding of the character. The story lines became choppy at best. Dean Koontz was next to change in style and now I am finding for most of my favorite authors this is becoming more so. Andrew says he thinks authors are buying no name writers work and putting their name on it. Could be … would be a shame to sacrifice great books to keep up with a quota of that yearly novel. I would rather wait a couple of years if I get a novel worth reading than to invest time in novels that just don’t deliver.

In the afternoon we took a stroll through the park, this time to the campsites at the other side that seem more popular. I They are nestled more in the trees and have great pad sites but the view of the water is limited as it is only an inlet.

View from the tent pad area

I mentioned earlier that the water level was down and it is more apparent in this area as the boat ramp was closed because the water level is too low to accommodate for entry. Maybe that is why it is quieter this year. Last year several campers had boats with them. Without access maybe many decided it wasn’t worth it. The weather could also be a small factor as it has showered just about everyday. Nothing to keep us cooped up in the camper but definitely not all sunshine. I quite like the gloomy feel though. I have always liked it. It does keep people away and so you feel more like your surroundings are your own. When we were away in Colorado I loved the afternoon showers and look forward to seeing the clouds gathering in the late afternoon.

We also played around with camera shots.  Andrew has been teaching me how to adjust the settings on the camera to create dynamic effects.  I really like the close up shots too from different advantage points and so I found some leaves to experiment with.

Built a fire early tonight and spent several hours watching the flames and embers. Funny how memorizing a fire can be. It draws you in and demands your attention. If you watch closely as the heat transfers back and forth between embers it is easy to envision the life it holds. Then in a twinkle the life suddenly dwindles and the coal grows quiet and another takes its place.

By 7 pm I was completed ready for bed. It took all my strength to keep my eyes open until at least 9pm.  I have always been an early to bed early to rise person but with the fresh air, exercise, and early night hours now 7pm feels more like 10pm.  Still waking early so maybe I am just getting some well needed sleep!

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    Sounds as though you two have wound down already and are really ‘seeing’ things in the present and getting your minds free from clamour and clatter. Mmmmm….lovely state to be in and very sleep inducing. Mmmm….very catching too…..yaaawwwn….oops only 5.17…feels like bedtime as it has started raining ……zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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