Day 1 – Kicking Up The Dust Again

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Thanksgiving 2010 trip
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November 20th, 2010

We are up early this morning in hopes that we can depart earlier than our usual noon drive away. We have booked a site at Daisy State Park in Arkansas. We stayed here last Thanksgiving and found the views and quiet atmosphere soothed and relaxed our minds. As luck has it we were able to secure the same campsite on the point again. This is a break away from our “Never visit the same park twice” rule. Well I must admit that is my rule. It was actually Andrews suggestion to visit here again. For me, visiting the same park the second time means you overwrite the feelings, emotions, and experiences from the first visit.  Andrew’s thinking is the reverse. He says it is exactly those feelings, emotions, and experiences that make you want to visit again. I guess we will have to differ on opinion on this one but as I usually pick all our destinations I will give it a go. As a compromise we have decided to include day trips to several parks within a three hour drive.

Andrew has spent the past several days preparing the camper. We have had several large cracks spring up on the roof but it seems that the product we purchased for the Colorado trip is doing an excellent job. I know we will probably have to think about upgrading the camper sometime next year but I sadden at the thought. It is strange, the camper really is not much. Definitely not new. Fairly good condition inside and yes it is big for a pop up and one of the best arranged inside that we have seen on the internet.  But it is more than that. We have had some wonderful experiences in the camper this past year and it represents the freedom we both feel when we get away, even for a short weekend.

Even with the camper ready to go we still struggled to get out on the road before 11 am. Our journey will take us about 5 hours northeast of here. Daisy State Park is a secluded park set about 1 hour drive from Hot Springs. It is not very big but sits on a fairly large lake. The campgrounds actually has 103 campsites, but the area we will be staying in only has about 20 sites that line both sides of a peninsula that juts into the lake. Site 50, which is our site, sits on the very tip of the peninsula. It provides a beautiful sunset viewing in the evenings and as it is the last site at the tip of the peninsula, Shyla has a large area to roam without worrying about neighbors.

The journey to the park is pretty uneventful other than the fact for a small portion of it we were driving on the wrong highway. Just as we were leaving Dallas we noticed the GPS was not operating. The software has corrupted somehow and so we are without this navigational tool. I don’t really rely on it for navigation but do find it handy for locating businesses. Andrew on the other hand likes it for the function of showing the speed limits, as those can change from mile to mile and an unexpected traffic ticket is not in the plans for this week. We were so busy trying to figure out what was wrong with it that we inadvertently found ourselves traveling in the right direction but on the wrong Hwy. After a few turns here and a country road or two there we found ourselves back on track heading east on Interstate 30 once again.

Arrived at the park about 4:30 pm. It is very quiet and in the area we are staying there is only two other campers. One of them was here last year in the same spot next to the restrooms. The park is much quieter this year than last. It wasn’t extremely busy last year but there was about 6 or so campers in our area. Looks as if we will have a very quiet stay. The nearest camper is quite a ways up and so we have the whole peninsula to ourselves!!!  An hour or so later we are completely set up with the shelter providing protection near our fire pit overlooking the beautiful lake.

view from our campsite

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    How be…a….u….u….u…..t…i…ful !

    Lovely serene spot and lots of fallen Autumn (or should I say Fall leaves).

    Thanks Sharon (and Andrew). Looking forward to the next post.

    love Mum xx

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