Day 22 – Grand Circle Finale

Posted: September 8, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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August 11, 2010

As we travel the stretch back down Hwy 287 we hit the heat and remember why we left.  We took  some shots of the Hwy for our Australian family so that you can visualize what we have been describing over the years.

Andrew finally got his train shots out the window of the car while I was driving

We have had a wonderful time on this trip and so sad to be heading home today but all things must end so that you can appreciate these times even more.  We hope everyone found our posts entertaining and for our family overseas that this glimpse in our lives allowed you to feel that maybe we aren’t too far away.

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    What a wonderful trip I have had with you.
    Love you both heaps. Being with you each day for 22 days has made you seem closer.
    Brilliant and thoughtful photography.
    Thankyou seems an inadequate thing to say for providing the heart warming experience of seeing you both so happy and Shilah so well again. That is all a Mother hopes for – for her family to be well and happy.
    Bev/Mum xxx

    • triptracker says:

      I am so happy you enjoyed it. I only wish we could have shared more. I plan to continue blogging our trips so if you subscribe to my site it will let you know when we add new postings. The option for this is located at the bottom of any of the posts.

      Love always

      Sharon and Andrew

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