Day 21 – The Last Supper

Posted: September 8, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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August 11, 2010

As it is going to be scorcher here of about 100 degrees we have decided to head out today and check out Cadillac Ranch that is just west of Amarillo on I40.  We passed it on our way out at the beginning of this trip but I didn’t realize that we would until we did so we did not stop.  Wow did that sentence make any sense???? As we leave we stop at the entrance as there is an area where the longhorns come to feed.  We have lucked out and we are here just after they have been fed and so the cattle are only within a few feet of us.  I don’t think I have actually seen one this close even though Texas is famous for them.

I think this one needs a little more food before we decide to make him become food

Today as we head out the clouds are forming and threaten to open up.  Just as we neared Amarillo city limits they do exactly that but finish up as we near our destination.  Cadillac Ranch is located in a field beside the interstate and consists of 10 cars buried nose down into the field in a straight line.  Andrew and Catherine visited here when she visited a few years back.  When pull up we are the only car and it would seem that we will have the place to ourselves but within minutes we are accompanied by three others.  It is very muddy after the torrential rain pours but I figure if I can walk carefully and I should be okay.   What was I thinking?  Me …. Careful…..that is like letting a bull loose in a china shop.  I get no more than twenty steps out and find my foot, which includes my shoe, stuck down in about 6 inches of mud.  As I pull up, a suction forms and so as my foot finally relieves itself of the mighty grip it brings up a spray of wet mud flying up and all over my pants.  Needless to say I do believe I will call it quits and enjoy the view from afar.  The other onlookers however have decided to trudge on and we watch in amusement as they slip and slide trying to keep their balance.

A whole new meaning to the term "Slip and Slide"

Leave it to me to get myself into one fine mess

After cleaning what I could we head back in the truck and decide to head back to the park instead.  We arrive back early evening with about 2 hours til sunset and so we have decided to drive through the park.  The park has three camp areas and at the third we decide that it provides for a nice setting to take some pictures.  We spent almost an hour trying to take that perfect picture of the three of us.  Andrew would set his camera on the tri-pod, focus and set all the settings including the timer and then rush like mad to where Shyla and I were posed, quickly trying to look as if he had been there waiting the entire time.  We must have taken and retaken shots at least 30 times.  Poor boy he really got a workout.  We did capture a few worthy ones and so finally at the end of our trip we pose and capture a picture perfect moment in time.

Just as the sun started to set we decided to drive back up the canyon and catch some shots of the sun setting on the canyon walls.  I was so pleased that these turned out well.  I am still learning the ins and outs of shooting shots with limited light.

Palo Duro at sunset

Golden rays fading just as our trip comes to its end too

As we make our climb back down we notice around 100 cars parked in the Amphitheater.  Curious we pulled in and found out that they had a performance of the history of the area.  We decided to pass as we still had not eaten and did not know how long the performance had been going already.

Back at the site Andrew and I sat outside our camper with our food in hand when all of a sudden a loud boom flew by us.  The sound startled us and sounded like an explosion.  The sound carried across us and the canyon almost like the sonic boom of jet planes at mach speed.  Later we figured out it was probably a canon shot for the show.  Back in our camper and settled down for the night (sounds like I am getting ready to tell the “Night Before Christmas” story) we suddenly heard the tall tale sounds of fireworks and so I opened the camper door to take a peak.  At that very moment an animal, what kind we have no idea but think it must have been fox based on the size, came running right under the step I was standing on.  I didn’t so much see it as heard its rapid breathing as it dashed by.  Well with all our bear experiences I am not afraid to say that it spooked me just a bit and I quickly made my retreat back inside…….it’s one of those “had to have been there”  moments.

We retired early as tomorrow we would be packing early and heading the last stretch home.

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    Lubbly photos of you three after a great holiday which has been wonderful to share with you from a distance – brought a tear to my eyes!

    Thankyou very much….love Bev/Mum xx

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