Day 20 – Got Wind??

Posted: September 7, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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August 9, 2010

We have decided to head towards Texas today.  We really don’t want to but we need to.  The drive from Lamar to Amarillo passes through southern Colorado, eastern Oklahoma (for a brief 40 miles or so) and into the panhandle of Texas.  For most of the drive all we see is flat land covered with wild grass.  It has a tranquil quality to it but I could never see living here as there it is so void of trees.

The road sign on the right looks like it was made for this road!

During the trip Andrew has been trying to capture the wind turbines that have been scattered throughout the countryside but all were too far off the main roads to really capture.  Today as we passed into Oklahoma he was rewarded with a wind farm right next to the Hwy we were traveling.  Pulling off to the side Andrew trekked up and down the road capturing some awesome close ups.

We hit Amarillo early evening and have decided that rather than stay in a hotel as we had planned that we will drive to Palo Duro Canyon State Park and stay there instead.  We have a state park pass that allows us access without entry fee.  We will have to pay campsite fee though.  The park is located about 15 minutes east of the interstate and about 25 minutes south of Amarillo.  The actual park is in a canyon.  It is a pleasant surprise as it is so flat leading to the park and then out of nowhere there is this gaping whole in the ground.  The drive into the canyon is a fairly shot drive but has a couple of great lookout spots.  I have seen this called on the internet a mini Grand Canyon.  We have seen so much bigger and grander the last few weeks that it doesn’t quite have the impact that others seem to have.  The terrain is very pretty though and the campground sits within the canyon.  This is a treat.  Staying here now makes our trip complete.  We have now camped above and below canyons on this trip.

The Office as you enter the Canyons

The descent into the canyons with the red glow of the sun setting on the horizon

We have decided to stay two nights and so we head up to the gate to pay for our stay.  We have a nice site and the campgrounds while not empty provides enough privacy at the end we are in.  We ate dinner and then take a short walk around the campground area before retiring for the evening.  Along the way we saw some deer and even came across wild turkeys.

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    The road shots are how I always picture Texas…..wind farms are great shots.
    Love the stone cottage.. The glowing red vistas look exactly like Flinders Ranges SA.
    Fantastic Sharon and Andrew! love Bev x

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