Day 19 – Don’t Play On The Tracks

Posted: September 5, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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August 8, 2010

For once we don’t have too much to actually write about.  Today will mostly be about the views and not the events.  Maybe because today I decided to put up my feet up and watch movies.  Andrew went out for a drive and captured some pictures along Hwy 287 heading in towards Lamar.  He parked the truck along one of the country roads and set up the tripod to capture some of the passing vehicles in motion.  The car and truck almost look as if they are getting ready to hit each other….what a great shot.  Andrew said that several trucks passed and because the camera was placed on the tripod he thinks some of the drivers got a little nervous.  Not seeing him until the last minute he saw brakes lights suddenly come on as they quickly passed by.  Maybe they thought he was the local speed trap enforcer …. in disguise that is.

Sunday 4:57 pm.

While he waited he noticed a group of cows (and no not from the cow factory….) hanging around in a nearby field.  They surprised him by actually coming over to see what he was up to.  Usually the cows are weary of people and will turn and walk away if you try to get near.  Not these….the whole herd came waddling over to say hello and have their mugshots taken.  Andrew was able to take some interesting shots.

Hey everyone.....take a look at this strange creature with a camera

Everyone say CHEESE

Hey no shoving....I was here first

While Andrew was taking his shot on the road he said the biggest snake he has ever seen came out of the grass and quickly slithered across the road.  He was  so startled that he didn’t even think to take a shot.  One minute it was there and the next it was across the street and gone.  Not sure what kind it was he decided to leave well alone and not trek into the long grass after it.  Smart boy!!!

Noticed shooting road signs must be a past time in Colorado as we keep seeing them all over the place.  Maybe we should take it as a warning to be careful about trekking on private land for fear of being greeted by a gun toting farmer!  The shot of the mailboxes though sort off set the destructive sign by far.

This is one looooonnngggg driveway walk to fetch the mail!

Andrew said when he took this shot he was driving along and the birds in the shot were following along.  So while still driving he picked up the camera and held it out the window hoping to capture the birds in focus and the scenery blurred.  The shot didn’t quite work out for him but I thought it was a great shot and told a story of it’s own and worthy of debuting in the blog.

Further down the road Andrew decided to take some pictures of the train tracks.  At the top of the rail bridge his hat flew off.  I not quite sure what his attachment is to a hat ….I have gotten rid of a few and he always seems to find a new one to replace it with.  He tried to compare it to wearing jewelry for women….didn’t quite get the comparison but I nodded anyway as if I did.  Anyway with his hat 100 ft below him  what does my husband do…..yeah he did…..he climbed down the step incline to retrieve it……I don’t know what he was thinking…..if he had slipped no one would have been around to help him.  Well I guess even if I had been there I probably would not have had the courage to climb down after him anyway.

This is a fabulous perspective of the bridge

Andrew climbed all the way down this bank to get that silly hat....

He captured a great shot with the train heading towards him on the tracks but I was wondering….wasn’t he ever told that you are not supposed to play on the tracks?

On the way back he took some great photos as the sun began to set.

We finished the night off early.   It has been a great few days and tomorrow we will pack up and head into Texas (and back to the heat).

  1. Bev/Mum says:

    Great photos. That lone black & white cow looks as though she is dancing – very lightly!
    I reckon some of the others would make great ‘Far Side’ cards.
    Took some cow photos at Hawkesbury River area for Andrew…he will never see them I am afraid…couldn’t send them now!
    love the letterboxes…and the bridge and the tracks…all wonderful.
    The last three are spectacular…….my eagles never look big!

    I will send one shot I found for him though….a helicopter up a pole ..that is, if he hasn’t found such a shot in America!

    love Bev x

    • triptracker says:

      Andrew did do a great job getting these shots! I think I do okay but Andrew just knows how to get the right perspective for the right effect. He has one picture that even captured the spittle and bugs coming off a cow as it shook itself.

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