Day 15 – Are You Being Served?

Posted: August 29, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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August 4, 2010

Up early today as we did not sleep too well last night.  Since we have been in Colorado we have been a little stressed with all the bear activity.  I have developed a strategy to deal with it at night……I just turn on either the A/C unit or the fan… thought is …..what you can’t hear you can’t be afraid of.  I sleep so soundly….notice I did not say soundless as  my snoring is enough to scare away any critter to begin with….. but with the units on ….. it is like insulation from the sounds outside.  Unfortunately Andrew does not share the same philosophy.  He would rather be able to hear something if it is stalking outside.  Secretly I think he switched from sleeping on the pullout part as it just sticks out in the open to the couch because at least it provides with a tiny bit more substance.  He states it is because there is more room for his legs…..I don’t buy it as the camper is the same width all the way….in fact the tent part is bigger as it is more flexible….but I let him think I believe him.  We both have have methods of coping I guess.

We are not sure if Shyla was feeling poorly or possibly tuned in to our apprehension about the bear activity but she was up and down every 45 minutes or so.  Andrew finally had enough and …… well let’s just say she finally decided it was best to stay on the bed rather than reap  his wrath again.

We set up the canopy and began setting up the site for the week.  After breakfast we decided to go into Pueblo and purchase some hose and connectors and utilize the sewage we have available.  Usually we just use a dishpan but we have water connections and a sink in the camper and would like to use it.  We arrived around mid-afternoon and decided Andrew should go in and retrieve the supplies while I stayed with the dog this time.  BAD MOVE! Andrew must be a magnet for every person that just wants to have a chat and he has yet figured out a way to politely excuse himself after a few moments.  After sitting in the car for an hour while he picked up 3 things I finally thought I should check to make sure everything was okay.  It didn’t take long to find him listening attentively to an employee’s story.  As I arrived Andrew introduced me to the employee and it was apparent that in the short…..(depending on who’s perspective we are looking at right now…remember Shyla is still in the car and we have both been waiting an hour) time together the individual had learned a great deal about Andrew and where he grew up.  Andrew gave me that ….. please save me look…. so I commented that we were in the car waiting and that Shyla was getting hot as a hint but it did not seem the employee picked up on content clues too well.  In fact he did not stop talking even while I stood patiently there.

When we were back in the car Andrew said that he had originally just asked the employee where he could find “hand towels” to which the employee said “Hand towels? Hmmm….not quite sure what those are.”  Andrew then described them to him stating they were made out of paper and you used them to wipe up spills…..the employee again looked baffled and said….”sorry still not sure what they are.  I don’t think we have anything like that.”  Not sure how else to describe them they finally went to another employee for assistance and they located the elusive “Hand Towels  aka  Paper towels” for Andrew.  I was rolling in my seat as Andrew recalled the conversation.  I know some people have difficulty with word association as Andrew at times uses a word or phrase more commonly used in Australia than here in America…..but even then you only need half a brain to figure out what he means as most of the time it is still fairly close…….but this was ridiculous not being able to associate hand towel to paper towel.  I know both terms are used.  Maybe it is because I moved a lot not only around the country but also to other countries that I have the ability to connect the dots….

We arrived back late in the afternoon and Andrew put together hose and connector and we were set for utilizing the sink!!!  Yeah!!!!!!  There was lots of talk again about the activity of bears in the area.  It seems as if they have had several bear “incidents”.  The bears here do not seem to be weary of people in the least and are also very resourceful.  Story told today was that one of the bears had actually opened a truck door someone had forgotten to lock and crawled into the back seat.  We also heard that one bear had ripped the storage door off a camper to get at a melon that was left in it.  We are really feeling a little nervous about being in our tent camper.  We might feel not so bad if there were others but everyone here seems to have the big hard shelled campers.  We could get dragged off in the middle of the night and they wouldn’t even hear it.  I guess they use the same copying method as me!

This is the black bear native to Colorado.

This is the black bear native to the area in Colorado. (photo courtesy of

The following are some photos of the area.

San Isabel Lake about 5 miles south of our campsite.

San Isabel Lake about 5 miles south of our campsite.

Bishops Castle.  This is being made by one man by hand....

Bishops Castle. This is being built by one man by hand....

DeWeese Reservoir.  Andrew did a great job of making this look nice.....really was not a place I would want to spend the day at

DeWeese Reservoir. Andrew did a great job of making this look nice.....really was not a place I would want to spend the day at

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    If I was in that there camper,I would be fighting Andrew for the inside bed! I only cuddle stuffed bears, not real ones.
    What is the story behind the Bishop’s palace? Very interesting and incredible that one man has built it?
    love Bev x

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