Day 14 – Andrew To The Rescue

Posted: August 28, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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August 3, 2010

Very sad packing today.  We had spoke with the manager of Blue Spruce several days ago about extending our time here but unfortunately it was booked.  He did make an effort to see if the other campers would be willing to switch as they were going to have to move 3 times in their stay and he could make it so they could stay in just 1 spot.  However they were persistent about wanting ours even though they would only be in it for 3 days. So we are off to our next destination which is Aspen Acreas located in the Wet Mountains.  This mountain range is directly west of I25 slightly southwest of Pueblo, Co.  We will be staying there for the next week.

The journey between Pagosa Springs and South Fork is just as magnificent as what  we have been experiencing every day on this trip.  We continued to travel amongst the forest, mountains and even passed though a mountain tunnel or two.  Near Creed, Co we decided to take an overlook.  Not exactly the best decision as the overlook is not really accommodating to larger (or I should say longer) vehicle travelers.  As we pulled in we saw we faced a one row car park with little or no moving room.  We jumped out quickly and was rewarded with an excellent view but then had to navigate our monster truck and trailer in tow backwards….forwards….backwards……forwards…and try to stay out of the way of cars trying to pull in.  But Andrew being the pro he is had us turned and facing the right direction in no time.  Now the challenge of making a left turn while being on a turn while being on a steep incline while in a blind spot to oncoming traffic in both directions and masterful do all this and not be hit by the traffic coming both directions.  Reminded us a cartoon where the wolf always inevitably was run over by the oncoming semi truck no matter how safe he tried to be.  Safely back on the road we continued forward.

In Alamosa we stopped at the trusty Walmart to stock on food supplies for the next week as we were not going to be close to any shopping facilities less than 45 minutes or so away.  Since we had Shyla with us we decided that I would run in and shop while Andrew sits with her with the a/c on (such a pampered pet).  45 minutes later I emerge and after a few minutes spot our truck way way way back in the parking lot.  As I approached the vehicle I find Shyla eagerly waging her tail.  On closer inspection though it seemed we were missing an occupant.  Looking around I glanced and saw Andrew having an avid conversation with an elderly woman a few rows over.  Figured he may have gone over to help her with her groceries and so I decided to get the food needing ice into the chests.  30 minutes later with two cleaned out coolers and with all the food neatly packed in the appropriate places Andrew still had not returned.  I was just cleaning up the ice bags when he finally returned.  He said he had seen her laying on the ground and was worried she had fallen.  He helped her up and she told him she had been picking the cherries and then gotten so hot that she had difficulty getting back up.  She then began to tell him about her life story.  Andrew even said at one point she saw water flowing from under the truck and was concerned that something might be wrong with the truck.  Andrew told her it was probably me trying to empty the coolers for the new ice and groceries.  This didn’t seem to faze her that maybe I would need any assistance and she continued on with her stories.  I guess Andrew made her day today listening.

Groceries on board we continued on.  We reached I25 and headed north.  At this point Andrew put the GPS on.  For some odd reason though it decided to have us exit a few miles earlier than we did last year.  I didn’t think much of it as we knew there was a couple of ways to get where were going.  This detour though was on a county road…….which means….yes…..a bumpy gravel road.  I don’t know what setting it was on, but it was neither faster nor less distance……but we eventually reached blacktop again and headed north through Rye, Co.

I knew we were going to be north of San Isabel Lake as I had seen the site on Google maps but did not have the printout in front of us.  After passing the lake we came upon a campsite that we had decided did not suit our needs last year when we were in the area as the sites looked very cramped.  As we passed it again we both commented on this.  We continued on but as we neared the end of Greenhorn Road we realized we must of passed our campground.  A gnawing realization came across me that somehow we both must have not realized that the site we booked was at the campgrounds from last year.  We backtracked desperately hoping we would see another campground that we had missed.  To much our disappointment we had not erred.  Aspen Acreas and last years campground was one and the same. This year the campground was full of Airstreams.  But on closer inspection of the sites they did not look as cramped as we remembered them being.  We pulled in just a little disappointed but decided to make the most of it.  We were greeted by the manager who was very nice and accommodating and allowed us to have a choice of three sites.

Our campsite we chose was located on the “seasoner” side and so it was a lot larger than those in the front (meaning we had space to the side of us and some in front so that if we pulled the truck in at a diagonal we could also park the truck) and so that was a plus however it was getting late and dark and this place had also been seeing an increase in bear sightings.  Tired and hungry we set up camp quickly but decided to forgo dinner (or at least I did for fear of attracting the critters…..Andrew famished grabbed a bag a chips and ate his most nutritious meal in the front seat of the truck) and we headed to bed as we were exhausted from the 8 hour drive today and the packing and unpacking that accompanied it.

We did not have pictures from today so I decided to post a few that were on my top 10 list from other travel days but did not make it to the final cut!

Notice the red rocks along the river.....this is caused from the ore wastes from the mining

Notice the red rocks along the river.....this is caused from the ore wastes from the mining

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    It is not easy tagging your home along behind you is it? We have learned (the hard way) to make cautious decisions, not to travel too far in one day, take regular stops if possible and move as little as possible. By the time you factor in weather conditions, roadworks, being geographically challenged (otherwise known as not knowing where the hell you are) and misinterpreting (or believing) the travel brochures, holidays can be somewhat stressful.
    But the sight of an echidna waddling across the pathway, a Heavenly view, meeting very friendly folk from elsewhere in the world, or your local butcher up a shot tower, and especially finally pulling safely into your home driveway and heading first stop for your own loo buoyed by the feeling of exhausted exhilaration and sight of spring flowers newly risen in your garden…and you are still speaking to your partner after being cooped up for weeks inside a small space because its been cold and wet instead of dry and balmy outside……nothing beats it!
    love Bev xx

    • triptracker says:

      So from your comment it sounds as if you just arrived home from your trip. I look forward to your pictures……that is if you are able to pull them off the camera. This was a good day…..some very varied terrain along the way…..just a long ONE!



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