Day 11 – Meet Alvin and the Chipmunks

Posted: August 23, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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July 31, 2010

We began our day on a very slow note.  I headed down to the recreation center to enjoy the homemade blueberry pancakes, sausage, biscuit, sausage gravy, juice and coffee breakfast.  It was all you can eat but I was plenty full with just one helping of everything.  I learned that the person who organizes and cooks the breakfasts each Saturday used to be a gourmet cook and gave it up when he decided to move here.  At $3.75 IHop and Denny’s have nothing on taste or value compared to this meal.  And to top it off I had a wonderful conversation with a “seasoner” couple and received, much to my reluctance, the latest reports of the bear activity in the camp.

We had originally planned to go pick up Shyla today but now have decided to let her stay one more day at the spa.  When we first set up camp here, Shyla spent most of that evening chasing away all the little critters from the welcoming committee.  We have had a few here and there venturing in but this morning Andrew has made friendly with it seems either Alvin, Simon, or Theodore.  I believe it is Alvin as he was always the mischievous troublemaker.  After breakfast Andrew left his bowl on the table while he was reviewing photo’s from his camera.  Within moments we hear the tall tale call of a chipmunk calling out as it came closer and closer.  One moment it was standing on the rock on the hill, the next on a piece of wood by the table, then the table itself, and finally right smack in the bowl!  The chipmunk was within a foot of Andrew and did not seem that apprehensive at all.  Neither of us could believe what we were seeing.  It is a good thing Shyla was not around right now because I could see this getting very messy right now.  I could just see her jumping right up here too as she sees herself as the protector of the world against the varmints known as squirrels and all their cousins (which would include this chipmunk)!  Andrew was so intrigued by the chipmunks behavior he spent the next hour photographing the rascal as he explored the site.  The chipmunk did not seem to be phased at all and actually seemed to pose for the photo’s like a pro.  I could have filled this one page all with humorous shots but chose a few choice ones that captured his spirit.  A couple of times two others came in but were a lot more cautious and would quickly run away.

Hey!  Who didn't clean up after themselves!

Hey! Who didn't clean up after themselves!

Alvin inspecting what is left in the bowl

Alvin inspecting what is left in the bowl

Hey nobody will notice this missing will if I just can push a little harder!

Hey nobody will notice this missing will if I just can push a little harder!

After we had our fill of entertainment or maybe the chipmunk had had his/her fill of bran buds we decided to take a drive up into the mountains.  As we were scouting the area a local recommended that we take the drive up Middle Mountain road as it was picturesque.  It was not hard to find but like all county roads……steep and GRAVELED.  The road itself was not too bad, it did have ruts here and there but it was very narrow and did have lots of sharp turns that you could not see ahead as you turned.  Andrew however drove it like a pro.  I have trouble with these types of roads I think because of my view point.  Sitting in the passenger seat and because the truck has such an expansive front window it looks as if the entire truck takes up the road.  I realized from driving yesterday that is not the case but as we came across vehicles from time to time I wondered how we were ever going to have room to pass…but we did every time….even when the vehicles were as big as ours.  Just as we began our ascent however the local law enforcement came flying past us with lights blaring and tires a spinning.  Later we would encounter their destination as it seemed there was an accident further up.  This mountain it seems is the hot spot for ATV’s and Motorbikes and so we guessed one of them must have had an accident.

Road up Middle Mountain

Locals definition of a 4 X 4...a go anywhere truck....The tree in the bed is hold down the back end on the "county roads"

Locals definition of a 4 X 4...a go anywhere truck....The tree in the bed is hold down the back end on the "county roads"

The drive up was okay but mostly just trees, trees, and more trees.  However every once in awhile would pass a mountain meadow and on the way down we stopped at one or two of these to take photos.  They were beautiful and so out of place.  A couple of tents were hidden amongst the Aspens and deeper into the meadow hidden along the tree line we even spotted a hardcover trailer.  Of course there is no electricity or water here as they are not designated camping areas so this is truly camping, and WHAT A PLACE TO DO IT IN.  From this spot you also had views of the mountains in the surroundings too.

Check out the camper nested in the trees in the this is a site with a view!!!

Check out the camper nested in the trees in the this is a site with a view!!!

Here comes the storms again like clockwork

Here comes the storms again like clockwork

We could see the afternoon clouds begin their gathering for the afternoon storms and so we decided to head back down before the road got wet and possibly difficult to drive.  We were not quite ready to head back to the campsite yet so we decided to head to the marina and see what shots we could find.

It is strange, it has rained or has been overcast every day since we arrived but it does not in the least bit feel dreary.  Instead there is a sense of fulfillment and contentment in the scenery.   I personally have always loved dreary and rainy days anyway.  It is the best time to contemplate ….. well anything.  You can get lost in your thoughts.  The rain here is different from the rain back home.  Home, when it rains, resembles something more like in Noah’s Ark proportions.  Our house has actually been flooded twice since we have lived there.  Here rain for the most part is gentle and soothing.  They do have some powerful thunder and lightening, but the actual rain that falls from these ominous clouds is uncharacteristically gentle.  Reminds me of the saying….In like a lion, out like a lamb.

We settled in early tonight as we were pretty pooped.

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    Oh, how gorgeous is that little chipmunk? What wonderful hours of free entertainment for you both (gave you a chance to digest ‘that’ breakfast – yum). The photos are incredible, especially the ‘box removalist’ one.
    Beautiful scenery – can just smell the bracing air. Know what you mean about ‘soft’ rain falling. Beautiful and so refreshing isn’t it? The shot of the tree bark to the foreground is wonderful. Have studied lots of bark on our travels. Aussie ‘scribble’ gum have amazing ‘scribbles’ visible when bark sheds (thought to be caused by larvae tracks).
    Look forward to seeing Shilah again tomorrow -guess that means no more chipmunks
    love Bev xxxx

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