Day 7 – Don’t Feed The Bears

Posted: August 18, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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July 27

Had breakfast with our Norwegian friends this morning.  Andrew was excited to find that one of them was really into photography like himself and they spent a couple of hours talking and comparing equipment.  Such Geeks!!!!   I try but when Andrew has to keep telling me the difference between focus and focal point it is not exactly the same I guess.  I had a fantastic conversation with the fourth visitor (but I am embarrassed to say that with all our conversation I don’t believe we ever swapped names….so for the remainder of this post visitor #4 shall be referred to as Thor!!!!).  It was a little sad saying our goodbyes.  The boys were heading up to Salt Lake City and our destination today is Blue Spruce RV Park in Vallecitio, CO.  We will be staying here for the next 7 days.

The drive to Blue Spruce was very pretty.  We have been in the desert regions now for a week and so to see wild grasses and tall trees is a change in scenery.  We are located now about 30 miles northeast of Durango, CO.  The altitude is around 7600 ft.

On arrival we were warned that they have had an unusual amount of bear activity in the park this year due to the lack of rain in the high regions were the bears usually forage for berries.  They have posters posted all around about what to do if you come in contact with a bear.  I loved the first one…..”Don’t Show Fear”….  like I have any control of that…. like I have any control of my bladder either when I come face to face with a bear….

Other useful tips included…..”talk gently to the bear”…”no direct eye contact”….and the best one yet was…..

If a bear should stand on it’s hind legs sniffing in your direction and then charge towards you………don’t fear… the bear will usually stop within a feet of you….it is simply testing whether you are an aggressor or not…..simply hold your ground…

I do believe I am going to follow that last rule…..Play Dead!!!!

Our site at Blue Spruce

Our site at Blue Spruce

best site at this campground

best site at this campground

Oh yeah.....we even have internet signal is not great though

Oh yeah.....we even have internet signal is not great though

The campground is a very picturesque.  It is covered with huge Blue Spruce trees and backs onto a national forest.  The site we have is probably the most private one in the whole campground tucked away in a corner.  It is perfect for us as it defines boundaries for Shyla.  Shyla has already decided the chipmunks are too much like squirrels and she is having no part of them in her territory!  The facilities has everything to make life comfortable with very clean showers, laundry facilities, recreation hall, pool table room, and even a small room with some basic exercise equipment in it.  We have been told that they have bingo on Wednesday night right after the potluck dinner.  I am looking forward to that.  They also will have homemade blueberry pancake and sausage breakfast on Saturday morning…..yum yum!  Shyla and I finished the day off with a short walk down the country road while Andrew chilled at the campsite.

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    Hi Sharon (and Andrew)
    What a wonderful writing style you have. Laughed myself silly about the bear poster advice!
    Glad you sent me all this after you arrived back home safely though….GRRRR.

    Great camp site. You look very well set up…even recreational activities for Shyla chasing chipmunks and a chap with similar interest for Andrew.

    You may not know focus from focal but you are a champion photographer. No one has ever been able to snap Andrew so many times in such short time…..AND he has his eyes BOTH open.

    Keep it coming!

    love Bev xxx

  2. Bev &Barry says:

    Was speaking to Catherine today……..she would really enjoy seeing your blog. Also Shaun and Lisa. Are you going to send it to them, or can I forward mine?

    Bev x

    • triptracker says:

      Please feel free to pass it on. I have an email for Catherine but not sure if it is current and don’t have one for Shaun and Lisa though. I know Andrew does though. If you want to pass it on to any of the other family feel free to. I did send it to Auntie Susan a couple of days ago.

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