Day 6 – Our Norwegian Neighbors

Posted: August 17, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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July 26th, 2010

Woke up to a gorgeous day.  Andrew got up early to take pictures of the sun rising on the cliff rocks.  Shyla and I had a relaxing morning and then after a late breakfast we all trekked back to the ridge to take in the remarkable scenery in the quite of the morning.  It was a real treat to have the ability to sit without a sole around with nothing but the sound of nature abound.

Deadhorse Point next to edge of mesa

Deadhorse Point next to edge of mesa

This is what we are standing on.....make me nervous when it breaks off so easily

This is what we are standing on.....makes me nervous when it breaks off so easily

Today we plan to drive along the mesa to another point to view the canyons in Canyonland National Park.  The mesa we are on has finger like protrusions and the Deadhorse State Park is on one of those and the Canyonland National Park is on another directly next to us.  Canyonland’s however protrudes out further south by about 20 miles so we will get a chance to different areas of the canyons below.

As it is a national park we will not be able to hike on any of the trails.  National parks only allow pets in the parking lots.  They are not even able to walk on paved paths to view points.  Andrew and I worked around this taking turns to leave the truck to take in the views.  We spent the full day exploring the park which ended at the point with a view of the canyons expanding far into the horizon with clouds releasing the liquid of life on the barren land.

CanyonLands National Park, Moab, Ut

CanyonLands National Park, Moab, Ut

Later that night as we were eating the site next to us was occupied by a car of four men.  We could tell by their language that they were tourist but unable to pinpoint the location. From the sound coming from their site they were struggling to air up beds and so I decided to enlighten them with my magical powers of instant bed by using my very rare………hairdryer.  Never seen 4 men so totally amazed.  In no time they had their four beds up and ready for a good nights sleep.

Andre…..the spokesman for the group spent a few minutes thanking us and talking to us about their day on the 4×4 vehicles.  His friends were Kenneth, Petri (we think that was his name), and one other that we did not meet until the next day and we are so sorry but did not catch his name even though I spoke with him for a good 2 hours.

While Andre was visiting with us after returning my magical device another car pulled up to their site and after some exchange it seems as our new neighbors had accidentally set up camp at the wrong site and the occupant of the car was unwilling to move to the site they were supposed to be at.  It seemed such a hassle to have them try to locate their site in the dark and then try to move everything over to it, so we invited them to use the tent pad at ours for the night.  Within a few minutes they were  situated over at our site and we settled into some interesting and comical conversation for the night.  Their English was fantastic and they explained that they began English in school as soon as they start and so it is second nature for them.

It was very refreshing to be amongst these 3 (4th was wore out and fell asleep straight away) well rounded, open minded, and cultural diverse individuals.  I believe this was the first time we ever felt so open about any topic as we talked for hours about politics, government, social welfare and such without fear of offending anyone.  It was great to have individuals that were interested in hearing about our culture and willingly as open about their own.  With much regret we did finally say our farewells for the night but with a promise that we would talk more in the morning.


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