Day 2 – Getting our Kicks on Route 66

Posted: August 14, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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July 22, 2010

We ate breakfast at the most friendly Denny’s we’ve ever been to.  I believe every single waitress came by at some point to make sure we had fresh coffee and tea.  We wasn’t even quite sure who our waitress was as it seemed they all took care of each others customers.  Andrew ordered hot tea and I guess they don’t get that request too often and wasn’t quite sure how to serve it.  They did their best and provided a small metal teapot with hot water, a cup, tea bag, and a wedge of lemon.

Headed west on I40 out of Amarillo, Tx and into New Mexico.  This part of Texas is extremely flat and barren with hardly an object in sight to break the horizon.  In fact telephone poles seemed to be the only object in sight for miles.  We stopped mid way to the border to take a picture of the roads leading from the freeway into the horizon.

flat horizons of the panhandle area in Texas

flat horizons of the panhandle area in Texas

We continued through New Mexico west.  Our destination today was the furthest most western town of Gallup, NM.  New Mexico seems to be the wind energy capital with plenty of wind farms along Hwy 40.  We also passed a couple of Indian stalls along side of the Highway.  We stopped at this one but as it was late in the day it was unoccupied.  The Indians that live on the reservations come down from the village you can see in the background and sell mostly jewelry, pottery, and sometimes blankets that they have made.

Outside one of the Indian reservation jewelry stalls-Grant, NM

Outside one of the Indian reservation jewelry stalls-Grant, NM

Incredible sky scenes along Hwy 40 through NM

Incredible sky scenes along Hwy 40 through NM

The last few miles of the days journey took us directly in between two large mountain regions with the highway seeming to cutting a pathway between them.  The sun was beginning to set as we entered the region and made for a beautiful finish for today’s drive.

The town of Gallup sits directly on the historic Route 66.  I presume in its day it was an interesting place to visit but now it is very run down now and you can easily see the effects of the Super Hwy and how it killed the tourism for the town.  It reminded me of the animated movie “Cars” in which a hot rod car finds itself in such a town.

We stayed in a pretty run down Super 8.  I believe it was rated with 2 stars but I would be generous giving it 1/2 star.  We chose it because it was pet friendly.  However the first room given to us smelled like …. well lets just say I think someone forgot to take their dogie outside.  Our second room smelled much better on first inspections but pulling back the sheets it seemed as if the dogs in this room preferred the bed!  But to all fairness to the previous pets we understood their dilemma as there did not seem to be a patch of grass anywhere in the near vicinity.  Even Shyla had difficulty locating a good spot in the dirt bare site next door.  Not seeming to have much luck with dog friendly rooms.

Super 8 Gallup, NM

Super 8 Gallup, NM

To top it off we figured why the pet people were placed on this side of the hotel and there were no other cars.  No need for an alarm clock as the train passed every 30 minutes right in front of the motel and just in case we didn’t hear the whoosh whoosh of the train over the tracks and the slight rumbling feeling against the windows the conductors seemed to feel the need to blow the whistle each time they passed.  Luckily we were only staying the one night but as I was checking out a couple came in inquiring about an extended stay….I had to really hold my tongue!

  1. Bev &Barry says:

    Very amusing adventure Sharon…feel as though I am there with you (except for the smells which is a relief). Is Andrew also with us or is he just hiding from the camera?

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