Day 1 – Gearing Up

Posted: August 14, 2010 in 2010 summer trip
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July 21st, 2010

As usual, we are running to the last second trying to get ourselves together for the big summer trip.  This year we have planned a three week excursion across the Midwest states of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.  Majority of our time will be spent in the mountain regions in hopes for a reprieve to the summer heat of Texas (which really has packed a wallop this year beginning in May with temperatures already in the upper 90’s and July and August with the promise of triple digits).  They say Texas is considered the melting pot of the south.  I do believe it is but probably not in the same context as it is intended.  If you look at the shape of Texas it easily resembles a deep dish fry pan with the bottom melting and beginning to drip into the flames.  Coincidence??

Completely packed we nervously awaited the magic “Lexel” that has been promised to fix the multitude of cracks that have quickly developed on the roof of our pop-up.  Andrew called Monday to confirm the arrival date only to find that “In Stock” meant at the distributors location and not the selling companies and had not been sent as promised.  In order to receive it by today we were forced to pay a ransom in expedited shipping charges.  But it made it around 1pm and by 6pm we were on our way to Amarillo.

Drive along Texas Hwy 287 towards Amarillo, TX

Drive along Texas Hwy 287 towards Amarillo, TX

The trip along 287 from Ft. Worth to Amarillo travels on a good road with several small towns scattered along the way.  In the daytime and at its prime the scenery it very desolate.  If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a farm or two but at night the loneliness is only magnified more.  So when we came upon Clarendon, TX and saw a motel named “It’ll Do Motel” and the restaurant next to it “Nuttin’ Fancy Cafe” we were besides ourselves with laughter for a full good ten minutes.

Not setting the expectations very high.......Clarendon, TX

Not setting the expectations very high.......Clarendon, TX

Arrived finally in Amarillo around 1am at La Quinta on I40 just east of I27.  I booked the hotel online at a discounted price but didn’t realize it was because we were going to get a partly used room.  Will have to read the fine print next time!  We opened our room door to find a bed unmade, wet towels on the floor, and even a couple of muddy boot prints on the bathroom floor.  For a brief second I wondered if I was going to be confronted with a big, burly truck driver but after calling out found ourselves quite alone.  Front desk quickly had us in another room but said it was actually reserved for another late traveler that had yet to arrive.  Hopefully they didn’t get stuck without a room or worse yet the room assigned us as I wouldn’t expect house keeping would be around to fix the room up that late.


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