Who, What, When, Where…but never the Why

Highlights of our trips and special events. We hope our family and friends enjoy the commentary and pictures!!! Feel free to leave comments.

All images © 2013 Graphitate.

Our Life….

The Path least Traveled…

2010 21-Day Grand Circle Adventures
2010 Thanksgiving Daisy State Park Arkansas
2010 Christmas…Sutton Style
2010 Texas Parks Outings
The Siege
2011 Arizona and Utah Excursion
homepage 2012 Big Bend and Yellowstone National Park
  1. Bev &Barry says:

    An inauspicious start ……very funny picture in my mind of your first day, though really it was mostly night wasn’t it? Talk about revolving rooms! Can’t wait to get on to day 2…

    • triptracker says:

      Yes….was mostly at night…..I almost didn’t think we were going at one point when the product did not show up. I had to try very hard not to make Andrew too stressed out……but it all worked out in the end and it did make for an interesting story……

  2. Bev &Barry says:

    Hi Sharon & Andrew
    Sounds as though you are enjoying location and people. Andrew, your maternal great grandmother was of Nowegian extraction. These photos are beautiful!
    We have seen some wonderful scenery and will try and send some photos soon.
    My camera is only working intermittently and probably needs replacing.
    Must go to bed now as we returned late after a terrific day travelling to Bellingen and Dorrigo along the waterfall way (named appropriately) and wandering around rainforests.
    Couldn’t be more different than scenery over there – lush, green pastures on top of the world with expansive views over distant mountains to the sea. Most contented livestock I have ever seen. love Mum xxx

  3. IRENE says:


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